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Whats the 311?

As an organization that has been serving the community for over a decade, Argentine Betterment Corporation often gets asked how we can help people resolve their questions and concerns within the community. We always want our community to be informed and possess the right resources at their fingertips and so we are here to give those resources.

The Unified Government developed the 311 resource to help the community field all types of questions and concerns. This helps reduce the burden on our wonderful dispatchers and greatly improves the odds of your questions and concerns getting into the right hands and getting resolved.

The best part about 311 is it's super easy to use! There are four different ways that you can make a report. You can report by phone, through the website, by email or through the app (available for free wherever you get your apps).

What issues can be reported to 311?

The Unified Government provides a wide range of information and services, helping residents navigate local government, find quick answers to common questions, and connect to community resources.

How to report by phone?

Dial 311 if you are inside Wyandotte County, if outside Wyandotte County dial (913) 573-5311 and a dispatcher will assist you.

How to report through the app?

Download the app from the App store or Google Play, set up a log in and then choose an option from the Dashboard that best suits your needs.

How to report on the website?

Head to and select the option from the Dashboard that best suits your needs.

How to report by email?

Send an email to, make sure to include any important details.

You’ve used the system in the past and have not seen timely action?

The good news is that the Unified Government is continually working to improve the processing of reported concerns. Work is underway to configure a ‘closed-loop’ system that will allow 3-1-1 to pass resident requests and work orders directly to Public Works and the Neighborhood Resource Center. This effort will improve resident satisfaction by increasing communications and allow for the tracking of requests from submission to completion. 3-1-1 is expanding its function as a data source for UG departments and is engaged in a customer service initiative

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