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ABC's Top 5 Highlights of 2021

As we embark on the new year, we felt it was time to reflect back on a monumental year. Our primary goal this year was to overcome covid hurdles to ensure we were still efficiently serving the community in various ways. We would like to share with you our top 5 achievements of 2021:

Annual Serve Day

We kicked off the year with our annual serve day. This event we execute alongside Youthfront, one of our community partners who is heavily dedicated to our community. We had tons of kids come out to volunteer, along with community members and ABC board members. The event served many homeowners in need of minor repairs or clean up to their homes as well as mowing vacant lots and trash pick up around Argentine.

Community Events

As we do every year we aim to bring the community together for various events throughout the year. This year we had a family game night during the summer at Emerson park. We had all sorts of lawn games, music, food and fun during this new event. In October we celebrated another successful Silver City Day with more vendors than we’ve ever had and of course live music, food and fun. Then during our holiday event we celebrated with a tamale contest, goodie bag pickup in conjunction with the library event and ended with our virtual event that evening. We had a blast planning these events and celebrating them with you.

New Board Members

In 2021 one of our goals was to ensure we had a full team within our Board of Directors. Due to some minor shifts in the board this year we welcomed four new board members:

Jennifer Polo joined us in April, she has been a resident of Argentine for upwards of 20 years and has been dedicated to the community in many different ways over the years.

Javier Centonzio joined the board in October, he grew up in Argentine and has since found his way back to our community with a passion to serve and advance our community.

Diva Esparza, a committed long-time Wyandotte County resident, also joined the board in October. She has been working tirelessly to improve the health and welfare of our county and our community through a multitude of important health initiatives.

Raymond East who has been a business owner in Argentine for several years now joined the board in November. Since opening Metro Fitness he and his employees have dedicated countless hours to helping our community in various ways.

New employee

At the beginning of 2021, one of Argentine Betterment Corp’s intentions was to secure an additional employee so we could expand our reach in the community and help meet our goals. By the end of the summer after interviewing a several candidates we had found the right fit and hired Amanda DeVriese-Sebilla a life long Argentine resident who has always been passionate and dedicated to Argentine. She has the resources and knowledge to continue our mission forward.

Updated Marketing and Communications

Other items crossed off ABC’s to do list were several marketing and communications initiatives that would help us improve our reach within the community. We had our first official logo created and we established a website and radio station ( ). All are now available including this blog on our website where we will be continually updating you on what's new with ABC.

In our next blog we will be discussing what to expect in 2022 for ABC and our community, stay tuned.

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