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What's Good in the Neighborhood

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Every Earth Day for the last 20+ years Argentine has hosted “What's Good in the Neighborhood/Serve Day” annually in some form or fashion and this year was no exception. Over the years it has grown and transformed into an important event for the community.

So, what is Serve Day?

Great question, I would love to tell you!

Serve Day is a gathering of community members, outside volunteers, non-profit organizations and other organizations focused on one common goal of serving the community for a day.

In recent years Serve Day has been hosted by Youthfront and Argentine Betterment Corporation, by pooling our resources we are able to expand our reach in the community. Our work typically focuses on minor home repairs, lawn care, graffiti clean-up and trash clean-up.

This year we had upwards of 70 volunteers working in all of the areas mentioned above, but this year the majority of our volunteers focused on trash clean up due to how bad the trash has been. We were spread all over Argentine and collected 80+ bags of trash. Springhorn Lane and 42nd Street were two locations we really wanted to tackle this year as both have unfortunately been used as dumping sites. On Springhorn Lane alone we were able to recover 13 tires.

In past years, we have always fed our volunteers, but this time we were excited to sample the food from YouthFront's new Taco truck, and the food was AMAZING!

We are so grateful for the contributions from the volunteers, donors and organizations who support our efforts to keep Argentine beautiful! We hope you join us next year!

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