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Lighting up Strong Ave: A Community Effort to Revamp Our 30 Plus Year-Old Christmas Lights

In the heart of our community, along Strong Ave, a tradition spanning more than five decades has been illuminating the festive spirit during the holiday season. This tradition involves the annual hanging of our commercial Holiday lights, a spectacle cherished by locals and visitors alike. As the years passed, the 25-50 year old lights began to show signs of severe aging and in recent years the community had begun to grow unhappy with the degradation. This prompted the Argentine Betterment Corporation (ABC) to start researching how we would overcome this obstacle. As we quickly learned, new commercial Holiday lights can become rather costly very quickly. Enter long time community member Daniel Macias, Warehouse Manager at Stanion Wholesale Electric, a staple in our community for many years. Mr. Macias understood the importance of giving our 30+ year old lights a facelift to preserve our tradition.

Mr. Macias and Stanion got to work on a comprehensive research mission to discover what hardware would be necessary to make the upgrades work. The goal was to ensure they not only retained their nostalgic charm but also embraced modern technology. The result was a large spool of LED socket wire and LED light bulbs. Stanion went above and beyond by not only researching and ordering exactly what we needed, but also contributed a portion of the necessary hardware for the project. This act of generosity exemplifies the power of community-driven initiatives. 

Armed with our new hardware and a community united in purpose, the transformation process began. Over the course of the Fall of 2023, ABC’s employees, youth workers and volunteers worked tirelessly to strip the old lights and replace them with brand new LED strands. The meticulous effort put into each step reflected the collective dedication to preserving our beloved tradition while embracing energy-efficient and visually stunning LED technology.

The culmination of this endeavor took place in November of 2023 during our annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony at Emerson Park. The community gathered to witness the unveiling of the refurbished Christmas lights along Strong Ave. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as the switch was flipped, revealing a refreshing new light display. The result was not just a visual spectacle but a testament to the strength of community bonds and the power of individuals coming together for a common cause.

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