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ABC's Stance on Bullying and Harassment

To all of our community members,

Argentine Betterment Corporation is saddened to hear about the recent allegations brought against one of the community partners of Kansas City, Kansas schools. In light of these allegations, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and address the extreme seriousness of harassment and bullying and outline our stance on these issues.

Argentine Betterment Corporation maintains a no tolerance policy for harassment and bullying in any form, this includes our employees, board members and any community partners we may work with. Our organization’s practice is to ensure all of our employees and board members have undergone some stringent form of anti-harassment and anti-bullying training on a yearly basis. It is of utmost importance that our community flourishes and our community members are safe.

We highly recommend all parents, guardians and their children learn how to recognize the signs of bullying, harassment and signs of predatory behaviors. Sexual harassment and bullying can happen in person or online. But no matter where they happen, sexual harassment and bullying are not OK. There is no excuse for behaviors like these. And they are not the fault of the person who is being harassed or bullied. Below we have provided resources to help protect your children and yourself.

For any parents/guardians whose students think they may have been a victim of the organization recently named by the school districts you can report by clicking the appropriate district link below. If you or someone you know is going through this, speak up — and get the right adults involved — it can help stop harassment and bullying. If the first adult you tell does not stop the harassment and bullying, keep telling other adults until it does stop.


Micah King

Executive Director

Jennifer Polo

Interim Board Presiden

Harrassment Position Letter
Download PDF • 88KB

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